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Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance

1.1 Introduction

Your privacy is important to us. We are committed to the safe and responsible handling of your personal data. This Privacy Policy details Singapore Virtual Airlines Group (SVAG)’s position with respect to processing and holding your personal data as outlined by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This Privacy Policy applies to our website, including your membership account that you will hold if your application to join SVAG is successful. It also applies to our private Facebook and Telegram groups, Discord channels, and the Ops Center website. We do not share any of your details with a third party unless we are required to do so in law. Please take the time to read this Privacy Policy carefully and if you have any questions then please get in touch. Details of how to get in touch are given at the end of this policy document.

We are SVAG, a website-based virtual airline using flight simulation platforms to emulate the operations of the Singapore Airlines Group and staffed entirely by volunteers. Our primary means of communication with members is via the Support Center, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook groups, Instagram and email. Membership to SVAG is free of charge at the point of delivery to members.


1.2 Registration

In order to use any of our online services, you must first apply to join SVAG and successfully obtain an account. An on-line multiple choice examination must be passed in order to successfully obtain an account. Further details of this can be found in the Ops Manual downloadable from our web site.

During the application process, the following data is collected from you in order to process your application:


  • The date of your application.
  • Your first and last name as provided by you.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Your email address.
  • Your VATSIM network ID, if supplied.
  • Your country of residence.
  • Your IP address from the location where the application is submitted.


No data is collected from third parties. All personal data is held encrypted in our database on our secure server.

This information is used to contact you about the services on our site for which you have expressed interest. Demographic information is collected to incorporate network security. Age information is collected to ensure compliance with Article 8 of the GDPR, which specify that the minimum age that a child can give consent for the processing of their own data is 16. Cookies, as well as other means of personal unique identification, will be used during the registration process. However, any personal data submitted will be kept strictly confidential and used only to identify you to the registration system.


1.3 Information Collection and Use

SVAG is the sole owner of the information collected on the SVAG websites. It will not sell, share or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this Privacy Policy. SVAG only collects information from its users at the point of application to join. SVAG has a number of responsibilities to you with regard to the collection of your personal data:

  • SVAG has a responsibility to be accountable and transparent in how and why we collect, store and process your data. Members with access to your data are bound by our Data Protection and Handling Policy, which details and controls how we do this.
  • SVAG has a responsibility to only collect, store, and process your data on a lawful basis. SVAG asserts it has a legitimate interest to do so in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the network and to ensure interactions between members whilst online conform to our guidelines and this Privacy Policy. This legitimate interest constitutes a lawful basis for data collection, storage, and processing.
  • SVAG has a responsibility to ensure that data protection is managed in accordance with the industry best practices. Staff members will remove data on request and a confirmation email will be sent on completion of erasure.
  • SVAG has a responsibility to report any data breach to affected users and the appropriate authorities.

As an SVAG pilot you have a number of rights:

  • You have a right to be informed why we collect your data. This document explains these reasons to you.
  • You have a right to access your data and view the data collected on you. This data will be released to you on written request. To protect the privacy of SVAG staff – members the names of individual staff members making entries on your record and other security measures may be redacted.
  • You have a right to request for your data to be removed from our records. This takes place automatically upon dismissal for any reason including long term inactivity, and may be invoked by you at any time by contacting us. Doing so will also effectively close your account.

We reserve the right to retain only email addresses after account closure for an indefinite period for the purposes of maintaining roster integrity and preventing abuse of admissions and the registration system.


1.4 Contact Information

You may get in touch with the relevant personnel by sending an email to [email protected].

A soft copy of this document can be downloaded by clicking here.


Updated: 30 October 2021

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