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Singapore Virtual Airlines Group was founded in Dec 2007 on the Simmiles platform by aviation enthusiasts Rema Allen and Lester Lee to address the lack of an SIA-based virtual airline. Starting with a handful of routes loosely based on major SIA destinations, it wasn’t long before SilkAir and SIA Cargo were added to the list. Mr. Lee took over as CEO in 2010 when Mr. Allen left the airline due to real world commitments.


New roots

As the virtual airline grew, so did our requirements. In 2011, all operations were moved to the VA Financials System as Simmiles could no longer meet our needs and expectations. In addition to a proper client, VAFS added a new dimension of realism to the airline; economics. No longer just flying from A to B, we now had running expenses, fuel costs, ticket prices and airport-specific demand to contend with. As revenue grew, we could afford more aircraft to serve more routes.


New connections

Over the years, we’ve forged new partnerships with various VATSIM divisions, working closely with them to organize regular events and fly-ins on the network. We also held events to commemorate significant milestones such as the last SIA 747 flights in 2012 and our fifth anniversary in 2013.

In 2014, we were accepted into Aerosoft’s official partner program which allows our pilots and staff discounts on various simulation products and in 2015 we started codeshares with Virgin Australia and EVA virtual airlines.


Bigger, better, faster

2016 saw new partnership with Air New Zealand virtual to open up routes in the Pacific and 2017 with Imaginesim, Virgin Atlantic virtual, Air France Virtuel, and the merger of Tigerair and Scoot. Closer ties between SVAG and SINvACC produced two successful large scale events.


Above and beyond

In 2018, we launched a massive new division for our friends down under with Virgin Australia and Tigerair Australia, featuring 287 brand new routes all over the region. Most notable was a groundbreaking year-long event celebrating the airline’s tenth anniversary which took our pilots on groupflights across the globe.


Next generation

The last time we committed to a massive overhaul was in 2009. In view of the airline’s ever-changing needs, stability, and long term sustainability, we’re doing it again and moving to a more flexible and customizable standalone platform independent of third party developers.

Today, we span five divisions with over 660 routes between them, 140 aircraft, and 90,000 hours flown. We’re not your typical A-to-B virtual airline, we aim to live up to the same values and professionalism of our real-world counterpart with great service and great quality. Here, you’re not just another number on the screen, you’re part of our team and we will do anything to make your flight simulation meaningful and rewarding.

If you share with us the same passion for flight, join us today.